I believe in the magic of Christmas

Peace this Christmas
I believe that even a lone star finds the chance to light the world Even if  the clouds soar blocking its heavenly sojourn the star will find a way to shine through
Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? When the darken skies are lit From East to West From North to South In every corner of the Globe Twinkling their presence Gift wrapped with star dust And filing the world with its magic
I believe in the chorus of Christmas carols Sung in every church Where bells do toll Ringing loud and clear Announcing Cheer To silent hearts that whisper love
Loud and clear the bells do toll saying Peace to all who wisdom bear And Grace the World  In solemn Prayer Its Christmas Believe in Christmas
Oh Christmas I believe in the magic of Christmas 
-shobana- Allrightsreserved. Copyright@shobana2017

God's Little Angel

Peace This Christmas
Down on my knees I bowed and prayed For Peace
A little star blinked Oh so bright Captivating hearts I thought I heard a Gentle Voice Whisper
"I'm God's Little Angel Shining Down From Heaven Just like the constellation I stand in Awe of God's Creed And light the World Lifting Tired Souls And Refreshing Hearts gone cold

Wake Up The Living Who Are Dead Amongst the Nations they reside And are blind To a World of "Peace"
Lift up your prayer in song Let the timbrel sound For I am God's Little Angel Lifting Up the World  for the one who bowed And prayed for Peace"


Now if I were nearing ninety..?

Would I be writing my dreams backwards to spell AMAZING ROUTE TO STARDOM
No, that wouldn't be right or written as I write AMAZING ROUTE TO STARDOM
i would have me a glass of wine to drink and age like red red wine while i sit in a quiet lounge listening to the sounds of a guitar strum i would surely be a master of my craft who took an AMAZING ROUTE TO STARDOM
how long does it take to reach the staircase that takes you on a voyage of magic?
would be a winding staircase or one that is seen to be winding
or one with the wooden handle bars to keep you from falling and hurting
or would that staircase be cushioned by the stars and the clouds
and have you trailing footsteps that reach  far into the skies
Or would it take a lifetime and if so how long is that? would it be till you reach the shores where death awaits your call How long would a lifetime be
Would it stretch like it sometimes does Or linger and forget you live In a clustered time warp called "life"

Now, if I we…

Writing A Love Song

It is not often that I see a sunset
But if you ask me, I'd say I've been dreaming of it Each time dusk falls and the sky turns somber I see a sunset form in my mind
It is not often that I fall in love It may have been blocked out from my mind The day the stars ran out of rhyme
It is not often the tides rushes to shore There are days that it is in its mellow Only lovers bare-footed will notice its absence For the winds would have pushed it away from the shore
I wish the world would stop revolving for a second It doesn't seem to want wait and listen The stories untold go unwritten The books are bare with words unspoken
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

Someone New

It wasn't as it was before, was it?
The ink had dried on that last chapter of 'finding us' The paper looks a little discolored now and the edges a little crumpled It wasn't exactly as it was before!
Life has a strange way of turning on us Like the sunrise, sometimes laughter just escapes our lips Then like the sunset it hides as it goes down like the tide That rushes to the shores of the sea
I had me a old friend sometime ago Only after a while, that friendship become a little faded and maybe even quite jaded Something left within the both of us And it was hard to reunite once again And so, we became acquaintances who once had a past With memories best shelved in a hidden box
Someone New has now entered my world And I foresee a future for us Only, I wonder if history would repeat once again With eager heart A tattered page would now be thrown And with a receptive thought A bright new chapter would start a story Of Someone New who has entered my realm.
-shobana- All rig…


The holidays are here again To take us to flight where the good times begin Changing landscapes and masking the sun Are some of the fun we have in mind!
A family bond reignited
Join us as we celebrate the spirit of togetherness…
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I may not have your height or even that of your might But I ride alongside and keep a watch For you from all sides You can say I am an observatory And I will not chance a discovery Of hidden stumbles or unleashing tidal waves.
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017

Notes of a Dreamer

I write just breaking the monotony of reading Last night was a collision of storms Every where there was something happening Outside the world and Inside my reasoning
The thunder and lightning streaks shadowed what would be a lovely rainy day I love watching those raindrops fall Pitter-patter they fall Touching and leaving trails on grounds that breathe of dust
I could dream if I wanted deep in the night But those dreams are best kept for those who sleep For I would surely wake up and find that they are just unattainable!
So I begin another chapter in my mind
I want to dream when I am still and awake For I am prepared to face any consequences They may or may not come to abundance But then, if I was awake, I could surely resurrect it And keep reaching for it to unfold
Maybe I will catch my dream someday And Maybe I won't But if dreams are meant to awaken your spirit Then I believe that it will change the part of you that just wants to sleep.

-shobana- Copyright@shobana2017