The Breath of Sweet Christmas


The snowcapped mountains stood braving the wind

That brought about jingles in satin and pink

The reindeer rang jingles as they raced onwards in glee

For the breath of sweet Christmas faces dawn in the spree

Christmas time, Christmas morn

Holding the little babe in Her arms

A quiet solitude of wishes from the three kings did come

For the breath of sweet Christmas be on one and on all.

Joyful time, Christmas dine

Friends and family sight the Christmas star

that guides each and everyone for a Savior is born.

Sings songs of praise, walk in love

The Jingle- Jangle sounds reign loud and clear

Songs of Christmas lay among the herd.

The windows rattle amidst the steer

For there to bear witness to Thine name

A Savior is born.

“For the earth was divided once and today comes together with the risen Lord.”


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