Essentially, the big question is....

- Why do people fall in love

- Why are there heartbreaks

- Why get married

- Why do some laws allow abortion and at the

same time try to create humans by cloning

- Why is Aids still incurable if the world has advanced

scientifically by leaps and bound...are the scientists

all busy cloning these days

- Why is there poverty - isn't there enough food in this

whole wide world!

- Why is laughter the best medicine - Can you bottle

it and perhaps sell it to the poor man in the street

- And why oh why Lord are there all these different kinds

of people in this world - different sizes, races, colours

killing each other for whatever reason they think is right

- Why are street lights needed when there are stars

shining ever so brightly

- Oh yes, why do we get parking summons

- Essentially, WHY CLONING....isn't life complicated enough!!!


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