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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heart of Mine

A miniscule step to a time warp
taken with giant strides
sent a shiver of regret
to this heart of mine..

Uplifting words strewn across the sky
of rainbows lingering
in a line-up of showy colors
heart of mine..
would someday speak
our colors of love..

Enlightening thoughts hidden
through the creases of evergreen dreams
reaching obscurity or even
submitting to maturity
heart of mine..
would someday speak of
realization with
tears mingled with

Heart of mine...



  1. We must never trust what we want to believe Shobana. Sadly life does not work like that.
    Never be sorry though. It is just being human.

  2. Hi CC, thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure to read your comments.