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Monday, September 19, 2011


Vendetta oops a wrong assumption
of the situation
of this division..

Would you say so ??

A play of football mixed with dance routines
enconcsed by a thrilling
joint invasion
of minds of business
comprising liaisons
of unheard sembitions
of worldly matters
in a submerged omission
of freedom uprising
in a rising
of temptation
conjuring thoughts
and emotions
delving in love-hate relation

A matter of principle would you not say???

So I say that this explanation
I give in subjection
to your question
is null & void
as far as concerns arising
there is none in the vision
of our known embracing
of a poet of a demure
nay a naughty nuisance
that brought about
the fall of a universe
and is charged with treason...

A matter worth rethinking would you not say???

So I say nay
what is of treason
I am but a victim of circumstance..

Nay of love or maybe envy
so in this writ of explanation
I win in an open dismissal
of this case of insane admission
of violation...


1 comment:

  1. Goodness me Shobana you should be a politician.
    Are you carrying a soap box around with you these days. I agree definately, I know when I am beaten.