The Island of Langkawi

Mesmerizing I say when I watch
the way
The sun mingles with the rays
showing its reflective signs in
sensational shades of wonder

Mountaineous sighs are heard
within the rush of sea waters.
The rush for precedence in a world
of color..
Shades of whispers are heard
when salted waters coincide
with the sands beached
in a shy corner..

Surreal, mesmerizing, breathtaking
the mountains stand witness
to this island in the northern zone
of Malaysia

The folklore of
Mahsuri where once a curse
of seven generation befell
a legend foretold..

The Island of Langkawi
encompassed by its nocturnal splendour..

Written for someone special who requested that I write this poem after his visit to the Island.



  1. A nice poem Shobana tantalisinly accurate


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