Riddled Love

They stood looking at each other
the breeze upon their soul
Washing the tides of love
over their silent shores..

They kiss..
the tingles awash them
Caught in an embrace..
their arms their link to bliss
for the mirror of their image
sets two hearts on fire...

They dance the dance of love
where the rush of blood
shatter submerged emotions
caught between two souls..

Alone in a busy world
they chance the quiet
of their riddled love..
One heart bound by two
Two lovers
with the words "I Love you" 



  1. Well what can I say you write of love in this damp cold weather and I think of hot cocoa and crisp buttered buns, the warm log fire and the deep pile rug in front of the blaze. Something warm and caressing thrown in I can't think what that can be.


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