The wisdom of the oyster shells

Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they be withered
- Wisdom of Solomon..

The pearls lay scattered in the crystal clear waters
Abeach lay the shells of oysters alive of past..
She picks them with nimble fingers
The transculence of the pearls glittering in the sun..

A basket lay by her side
cushioned by rosebuds and baby breath of white..
Her lips the color of scarlet with rushes
of shy smiles emerging
every now and then as she whispers
in loud sighs..

The beauty of the pearls lay in the
wisdom of the shells
When cushioned by rosebuds
they breathe an aura of
wine induced drunkedness..

A bride's ensemble of
pearly white jewels befitting
her day is never
quite complete without
rosebud lips and bouquet witheld
to her bosom.



  1. Very romantic Shobana every bride's dream I would imagine. Well I have the rosebuds.


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