The Jester of Slurs

The chalice of wine on one hand
the jester began his outpouring
astute in his words
he slurred forth his song..

"I'm on a different level now
between the rough seas on a rocky boat..
I see far into the wild and am
in disguise as the jester
of worldly drunken wine..
I swim the seas of the red wine
and see it sparkling in the cup
a tinted red it seems to me and
I dine with no-one but the wine.."

The jester pushes forward
his breath foul and battered
with the spirit of wine..
His words sung in slander
of the obsessive drunken slur.


  1. Whas so funnily aving a drinky youse are a spill
    port I like being sherry.


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