Walking with the Stars

She caught a little star in the magic of her hands
Shimmers of silver clutched
within the grasp of fingers
filled with dust
coarse in a
kaleidoscope of shine..

Every drip of the stardust
slipping onto the
enveloped magical
surrounding of 
blanketed visions
aligned by the constellation
of the night..

Shine O shine this night
she whispered in elated breath
heard amongst the
fairies and moonwalkers of the night..

She whispers once more
I walk among the fairies and the moonwalkers
to see the magic of the stardust
caught in my fingers
lithe and limb 
from the
glisten of its

and am caught in its rapture,
awe and am an avid seeker
of such gifts as those
from above..



  1. Quite pretty Shobana, please don't encourage those fairies, they are all sitting on my desk giggling. Go away you little cheeky girls.


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