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Friday, February 24, 2012

Caught in nature's exhibit

Silver lining on a grey day
sees her gaiety appear from no where...
For the trickling of tiny crystal drops of rain
plays a symbolic music
and drains her fears..
Spider Web and Water Droplets - Fine Art Photography Tips and Lessons - Visit www.FreePhotoCourse.com, all rights reserved

on trenches in muddied walkways..
She skips away her blues..

Alas, there it is - the silver lining..
She sees it within her grasp..
Laughing she breathes in the beauty
of the spidered image of a
wet diagram
blindfully engaged
in a knitted
ensemble of nature's




  1. A good job you are not Miss Muffet Shobana.
    That little spider would be proud of you. Good luck with the project.

  2. Hi CC, Little Miss Muffet..I am..:).Thanks for the wishes and will do my best to stay afloat.