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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where do the Sunflowers Grow...

The twigs cracked at the weight of her feet
a little one escaped the saddles on her feet
She took a step forward and picked one up
She walked a few steps forward and
picked another up..

The twigs after her picking grew in numbers of three
and she rared ahead wondering where the sunflowers grew..
The campfire awaits but her thoughts were adrift..
Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow?

On this day where the sunlight's ray beat on the growth
and brought on distant smiles that the sunflowers show..

Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow?
Its further east away from the campfires glow..

Where O where, where O where do the sunflowers grow
The campfires await  the twigs to light up a show..



  1. Hi shobana, this is another one I would like to have - can make it into a catchy number. Have a great day and look I have 2 more people who are interested too. Am busy with budget and stuff at the moment and will revert the soonest I can - tony.