Chained to a Nation's Pride

The tepid waters touched the silvery graces of the waters nigh..

Beyond the glances moving in mirages
 the skyscrapers stood in a concrete jungle
clustered amidst a shadowed ploy..

The aura of its appearance that of one without an 
interest in life...
Staid, naked to the eye
they house the spoken tribe.

She walks into the warm covers of the waters
One of a sigh..
Warm, inviting - an ageless pine..
Her feet glistening amongst the myriad of colors
Watched by the concrete 
in a wave of guilt..
for nature dances
to the warmth of her feet..
the shadow of the concrete
chained to 
a nation's pride...


Il n'est pas le volume l'ecriture que je veux
mais il est
le langue de musique au m'inspire
que je rechercher.



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