Fancy That!

I used to think that Men were the
most popular thing with girls
until I read that they were from Mars 
and from experience found that
they were blind at times when they should have sight,
talkative when they should be quiet,
singled out cars before their wives,
had a lifelong ambition to sit in front of the tv
and check out women when there
was one right in front of them waiting to be noticed,
never bothered to have the last say in an argument
just to shut women up - well don't they care
if they win or lose the argument - We do!!
Never bothered to dress up after marriage whereas
the women had to just to keep her man,
Valentine's Day after the 2nd wedding anniversary
was for the kids,
A dinner date with the wife was at the fast
food joint nearby and on a stringent budget!!
My wife becomes Mom even to to him after the kids!!



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