Linking Purple

Sing me a song
of a color you love,
she glanced a look
and I glimpsed a smile.

Have you heard the reason
they pick a color to be their favorite?
It was so they matched their lives.

A  purple morning glory
planted in spring look pretty
and invigorating..
On days the sky turn a thunderous
shadow of blue, 
you see strains of purple with  black.

Now try a pallet filled with three colors
one of white, blue and black.
You mix them up a little cautious
cause  it would take a red
                                                           to make it purple.

                                                   A maiden fair wore the color purple
                                               as her gown to the ball,
                                                 She matched them with tiny pearls
                                            linked with diamonds
                                           and made an outstanding bride.
                                             (For Lustor - )


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