Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Will to Survive

The will to survive or lay still

Do you want me to summarize the
text of my chatter I had
with the Master of Poets
last night..

He breathed his words
upon my breath so clear
and sent a blanket of wind
without chills
and covered me
with a blanket of will..

The will to survive this ordeal
dear sir..

Rising against a storm that lashes
out tongues of evil descent
I ran in this maze and skipped
so crazed and angry
that My Lord struck my will
to lay still and reach
the stars of the heavens 
high above where he lives.
O Lord, my torturers gain still..

I caught his song against his wind
and sang with the chills
and his warmth beckoned me
with strength and his will..


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