Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Femme Fatale

Beautiful_girl_cartoon : Beautiful girl with cartoon woman

I know how you view me
I see it clearly everytime I look into a mirror
A little pout with made up lips
A flashing smile to brighten my look
My eyes the color brown
Made up with a luscious mascara dip
I draw a line on my eyelids bare
and it draws an interest in how people stare
My eyebrows drawn creates a charm
encasing my eyes projecting a doll..

I know how you view me
As I dress to impress and attract
With a matching ensemble I walk in style
Of a woman confident and with a story to tell..

Not many would see the same in me
Many misses the substance in me
The eye attracts a beholder who sees
that I am more than an object of fashion
with beauty skin deep.

All rights reserved. copyright@shobana2013

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