The Dream-Makers Dream

There are dream-makers and makers of dreams
One or the other if I'd fit in I'd be
Contented, Excited and a dream away from dreams

I'd rather walk barefoot and feel the ground within
And if I stumble I would care not a deal
If I saw someone carrying home his young one
After a hard day's work in the fields
I'd know that his burden has someone to feed

Dreams that I have may not be like yours
Dreams that I have are just to be free
Free from cumbersome needs of this world
Free from emptiness that most of us feel

I'd rather just be a child within
And laugh at most things that tickle me
and bring mirth to its feet
I dream of things that would free my mind
and make me believe that the dreams I have
spring forth beauty like a beautiful sea
On days tides are in I hide within
and on days they are high, I reach for the sky
like child with a toy.
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013


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