A Gaze and The Grazing

Labrador Looking After The Cattle Stock Photo

Something caught my eye
a grazing..
Reflected in eyes acclimed
just amazing..

Different color, differed by breed
one stray in numbers
but tell a tale of steed 
of the finest breed
the other known by its
watchful gaze
a shepherd in a watchdog
plays the head of
a herd that walks the green..

Have you wondered at how
they speak
the language common
and shared
with a need
to keep each other
by a gaze and the grazing..

All Rights Reserved.Copyright@shobana2013

I was inclined to write this after a prompt from a friend and as I worded the picture into poetry
I realised that we are akin the shepherd on days of superiority and akin the lambs on days of need.
Without the two inclined to be partners in this sometimes sordid world, we are akin to lost beings
in a world where the meaning of oneness is often delegated to one being. Loneliness often leaves us disillusional - shobana 


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