Suddenly, the clouds they gather and fall like rain

Brings music to my ears

Trip, Trip those drips that cease to stop by my window each time it rains,
I watch and hear those taps
ringing out songs I used to sing
like "rainy days and mondays"
or even
"walking in the rain"
and understand
it inspired one
just as me to make music of the rain - shobana

Suddenly, the clouds they gather and fall like rain
I walk into the waters drenched in cold and shiver to my bone
I trip along the pavement walking past those cluttered stones of grey
Matching the weather and catching its fall
and wondering if I shared the same fate as they..

Suddenly, the skies are crying out for the attention that I would give
by breaking away from the sunny time of day
and clearing the skies from the blue to the grey, a lot like the weather
where my stormy heart betrays
and break out in tears...

No one sees me the way I am
but those cloudless skies that turned about the rain and grieved in pain...

Suddenly, O suddenly, the rain, she shares my pain.

all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2013


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