Independence for the Common Man

 I am a common man
walking these streets.
Remembering the times when
freedom was preached
and proclaimed as a valued constitutional 
right of the creed
and I raised up my hopes
for the freedom of speech.

None, no none of you 
Understood what it means
when I woke up that day
56 years ago to be
bound as one race
 with no boundaries set in..

Let it Be, Let it Show
We are Malaysians 
with one tree
where the branches hang
in races that 
begun a nation with a decree

Malay, Chinese, Indians and Others
are we
cause we raced for time
to make us one
with no guilt and  no plea.

No matter the race & religion, we are what we are meant to be and to recognize it and accept it is the first step to be free...- shobana- 


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