When the Nightingale Sings

Pictures of Nightingale

Above there is a lonely paradise
Where perched on a branch sings a Nightingale
Its wings of flight clipped by the strains of time
A lonely bird it sings a lullaby...

"I sit on a tree branch
Shadowed by leaves
I sit on a tree branch
Where the sunlight streams in
I wait for the nightfall
when butterflies lie and listen to me sing
them a lullaby.."

"Butterflies that swarms daylight
in beauteous colors
of spring bright and light
Your wings are the color of red, blue & white
and often shaded by the leaves green
that have sprout"

I am a Nightingale that sings at nightfall
I am the voice of the forest at night..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013


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