Flakes of White I beseech you Fly

Swan : Two swans in beautiful landscape lake and sunbeam

Flakes of white I beseech you fly
Somewhere where wings doth strive
to reach the higher or mightier addressing
the graceful rays of the quiet...

Drapes of white, would temper with your flight
And take your way up to the sky
Somewhere, where mountains are deemed too high
and place your stay within its confines..

Somewhere, where the mountains are deemed too high
And place your stay within its confines...

Graceful are thy ways, whiter than the snow
Engraving all the space and turning love to gold
Would your cry of comfort reach far and wide
If your wings are clipped within the falls
And tender does your spring rise up in grace
and mark your dues in paradise.

all rights reserved. copyright@shobana2013


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