Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wondrous World of You and Me

Canyon River stock photo

Stretching high it bid me come
Climbing tall I wake to morn
As I walk its holy trail
I look up ahead
and see the beauty he made me wait..

For in darkness - do you see
Or hidden - would you peep

For if I was wonderless
Would you ever have found me
Creating a creak on a bold reddened earth

For if I had no beauty
Would you have listened intently
Or would you have basked at my gail of mirth

They say a smile says many things in common
And sometimes it means adieu
For if I never gave you my smile
Like the morning rise of the sun
Or the evening set of a camouflaged world 
Would you still sleep undisturbed...

Waters falling, a creek divides
Catches streaming all in a file
The wondrous world of you and me
I bid you see...


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