The Day Time Ran Out

Trailing seconds to minutes colliding into a major setback
the men hit wavelengths of unseen specter of jolts of combat
The warfare in full motion...

What does the trail of time set between man and enemy conjure?
An evil connotation of acquiring peace perhaps..
Making the victor the victorious with blood on his hands.
Somewhere in the distant the winds of change does slumber
For the time that ticks there is askance of more time for sleep
For them the hour does not beckon the urgence nor does the
time dwell them in good stead
For to be un-ready for the battle ahead and bask in the laziness of spring
will befall the tragedy that belies the world and be adjudged as "The Day Time Ran Out"
for the loss of battle.

Enter the timezone of war where battleships collide and be prepared to be victorious or  fall into the hands of the enemy - shobana


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