Of Cigars and a Trip to Tobaccoland

Masquerading, a brow all heaving
She lays out the leaf embroiled in the thievery of tobacco crunch
A top each layer, she lays them in tandem with the drift of the smell
Pungent and drifting, they cast away spells
Smoked by the heathen and struck out as hell

Kings and vagabonds they quell each taste unmistaken with wealth
The whiskey comprising
Each sip with smoke arising
The master of the cigar stands laissez-faire amid the scent

He puffs on his cigar and heightens his delight 
At being the master of a lifestyle commanding blights of feverish
demands that meets his survival at being above the status quo
of men at the helm.

Of Cigars and a trip to Tobaccoland.

All rights reserved.Copyright@2014


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