Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paradise Strewn

Somewhere where the angels reside
You glimpse a fairy or two
Walking angels in paradise
Strewn with flowers that bloom

An orange hue await the blessed arc
Made of roses so blue
Have you seen the colored rose with its scents that's so pure
I walk ahead just passing by beds of yellow too
Watching eyes, awakening a smile
And tracing perfume

Away the time, I find me a game
Of tracking places that's new
The waters beam with rays of sunlight
The rivers they fume
The color orange overflows
On pebbles so deep
They nudge a passing rainbow of nine
Bidding the seven adieu

Somewhere where the angels reside
I find heaven too
Among the lushness of fields of white
I dance with fairies in blue

All rights reserved. Copyright@2014

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