I walked paradise once

Shall I walk through the flowered path
Taking my shadow pink inside
I trip upon a sacred site
Sitting down I traced a line

It said

Bade my entrance here
To a windblown blossomed sphere
I am paradise 
Colored in Pink disguise
And I walk with angels by my side

Shall I wait upon a flowered grove
Entrusting my mind to the splendor of the throne
Wide eyed and innocent I wait
For the caption that led me to a frocked pink show

I wrote my star in the sky once
Silver stardust it shone
It said, Blind me with the crown
That engulfs my heart and mind

Gazing stardust in a silent glow
I walked paradise once
It had pink ribbons and flowers in disguise.

All rights reserved, Copyright@shobana2014


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