Its a Rich Man's World

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Chasing after illusions of the rich
She picks a coin from her fountain of dreams
Her piggy bank filled overflowing in gold
She sees the way forward to an alluring lifestyle

The rich, do they walk in shadows of guilt?
Maybe even stumble  among the lesser being
Some in walkways lying in filth
Some in the havens of despair and jilt

Have the rich overridden the boundaries of wealth?
Everywhere you turn a billionaire astounds
Astute in his acumen of a thriving world
He sets himself apart like an eagle on wings

For the lesser of us mortals, we engage in riddle
Do we take a chance at millions at giveaway prizes
Or lie in waiting to the world staying placid
Or be a meager wage earner who works and keeps thriving

The mountains they sometimes accept the songs of the riches
Where immaculate beings are dressed in bridges
Designed to the hilt by outfits sought after
By the rich and famous on jet planes and jet liners

O hear thee now when I say its a paradise sought after
It is indeed the rich who conquers the world hereafter..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015


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