Of Poets, Writers and the Glory of India

I was in a jubilant mood  when I checked my Inkitt.com website and found that I had received a badge for a writing contest I entered my book for last month. A Christmas Duet put me in the 39th placing as one of the Top 10% writers of the contest. Just as an add I want to inform you that I entered another of their contest, Story Peak Contest which offers a publishing contract as a reward for the  best 3 stories. This time with a story I concluded in 2 weeks after receiving an email from the Editor asking me to join the competition,"Hidden in the Crevices of Time" was conceived and is an entry! I daresay that I had no idea about this competition until the editors contacted me and then I started on the ever imaginative journey of writing something that would be worthy enough for an entry. I so badly am looking forward to winning a publishing contract and all that comes with it!

I always get into another sphere when I put my thoughts into writing. It takes me far and beyond and I believe to a saner level too. I love writing and receiving that badge made it all the more worthwhile and had me feeling honored. It is a big deal for me. Anyway, I got into this great mood where every little thing magnified itself and made me feel appreciative. I walked a little on thin ice and suddenly thought "hey, I am famous too now". I just hope the thin ice doesn't crack and send me whirling down into deep unchartered waters.

I was in New Dehli, India two days ago and I saw the transformation that India is going through as opposed to the trip I made nearly a decade ago. I always have a fascination for India because some of the most intelligent people on the planet are from there. I have always noticed a graciousness about them around me and their ever so "willing to help" attitude. The place was a contrasting subject all on its own. There seem to be history attached to every thing there. At the Novotel, New Dehli where I stayed, I saw a pamphlet display this verse :-

“ I asked my soul : What is Dehli?
She Replied : The World is the body and Dehli its life" - Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

I mean who thinks like this except for Master poets and visionaries. I was totally captivated by this verse and relished in the thought that poets are in a class of their own. Centuries of  classics are attributed to them. Somehow the newer generation of poets pale in comparison. As you read the verse, you can feel their patriotic souls come alive especially in those verses that has become synonymous with the people. 

I looked around Dehli. The difference in wealth so glaring, I felt so sad at the state of the poor and especially of their children.There is still so much to do was my thought as I traveled their roads. On my journey back home to Kuala Lumpur, I could only think of some of the faces of those kids who surrounded me while I was walking in the markets there. There was this group of kids who were chatting while walking next to me. Their shabby clothing and dirty faces couldn't hide their innocence in their chatter. They were speaking Hindi which I couldn't understand. All I could gather was that it was a common and interesting topic they had going there. I smiled then at that thought.

Well, they have their malls and they have their downtrodden markets. The malls are so eloquent and their markets have a much better selection of a wide variety of saleable items that one can get at bargain prices. I only had three days to spend in New Dehli so I did not have the time and capacity to visit Agra just two hours away. I missed out on much of their tourist attractions too but I was happy to just be part of the common crowd there in the bustling city. I had the most interesting time walking those markets and keeping a look out at the traffic while the driver was negotiating some daring routes. Gosh!! To drive in India is an art for sure. It is definitely not for the weak hearted!

I concluded the trip with a visit to the India Gate to mark their 70th Independence Day. It was a gorgeous moment for me as I could feel the vibrant intensity of the Country. India is a juxtaposition. It rallies among the Greats and the visibly unknown.

Anyway, here's to Poets, Writers and the Glory of India. Jai Hind!


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