Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Oh Malaysia Land of Glory - Selamat Merdeka, God Bless Our Country

There is so much to our Country Malaysia that is unique to the rest of the world.
We have our cultures, traditions, religion and costumes that project the diversity in the different races
Colors that make our Country stand out and stand proud
Unity based on respect and that which creates the harmony we enjoy now

The beauty of its landscapes and the beauty of its people
The simple things that magnifies its Glory
The different cuisines and of course the Nasi Lemak
The all encompassing heritage that is unique to each one

Its A Country to love, Its a Country to bask in
From the dawn of sunrise to the dusk which welcomes the sunset
Malaysia is a Land of Glory
Proud, Tall and Ever Moving Forward.

Love Our Country, Love Our Neighbour, Love the Peace, Cherish its Beauty!

All Rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana 2016

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