My Playroom

I have a little playroom tucked away in a corner of my house

It is a room that I keep my toys stacked neatly to play with when I want

I have a table of my own too that matches the furniture and my ball

With numbers and alphabets displayed right across the wall.

I love my little study table where

My pencils are close at hand

I write in deep concentration while Mr Bear keeps a close watch

I learn my ABCs not forgetting the 123s

When I grow up I want to be as clever as my dad

When I am tired I lay down on the carpet floor

And talk so eagerly to my dear friend Mr Bear

He listens to me and my tales without making any noise

And looks at me gently with his kind beady brown eyes

I fall asleep sometimes and find myself in my mom’s arms

And snuggle a little closer to feel the warmth of her hug

But there is no other place I would rather be

Than in My Playroom among my favorite toys

with my books and Mr Bear to keep me company

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016


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