Remembering My Sister Jacky

(For my beautiful sister Jacky)

I wondered the day you left
If you would be happy where you had gone to
Because I felt so unhappy 
There was a void no one could fill

Did the skies open up to welcome you?
Were the angels in attendance?
Because from where I stood
The sky was downcast
and shadowed with grief

I sometimes think of your beautiful smile
Because I am still hurting and time has done no good
Even with its passing
There was no healing

I feel like you left 
Just when there was much to live for
So many plans and dreams
We shared much more than a thousand dreams

I feel a sadness wash over me
So now do I pick up those pieces
and try to put them together
Or do I just let them be

And just remember...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2017


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