Tuesday, February 20, 2018

If I could make a wish come true

If I could make a wish come true

I would ask for the world to leave me alone
For there are many things that I have planned to do
But the world stands in my way

Each time I look, I see stares I rather not see
Each time I walk, I see strollers unknown to me

There are many things I have planned for me
But the world stands in my way

I want to be free of this muddled world
I want to sing to the birds
I want to stand firm in my beliefs
I want a voice to be heard

There are many things I want to do
But the world stands in my way

Be gone, the world and its troubles
I want to clear my world of your strife
And be without an ailing
Of body and mind

Be gone

If  could make a wish come true
I would ask for the world to leave me alone

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

She And He, A Perfection Of Love

It is meant for us
Two hearts colliding as One

Drawn on a wind swept summer sand
Deeply entrenched, an art within its form
It creates the perfect excuse for unspoken words

She and He, a perfection of love
She with He, a summer's sun lighting each other's world
He, her soul mate
She, his entirety
Their union one tied to the heavens

Their love radiates
Their love shines each other's dark
Their love a bond of heart and soul

The seas tumult breaks into her thoughts
For He to be her sunrise and sunset
For with Him
The rising of the sun makes way for the day
While its setting paves the way for night

Their love belongs
Their love consoles
Their love, a witness to the magic of the stars
So blinding at night
They shimmer with delight
Theirs, a beauty that's eternal.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Goddess of Song

My Poem "Goddess of Song" was accepted and published in the February 2018 issue of the Enchanted Conversation Magazine :- Read the winning entry below :-

It is the exquisite enchantment of finding love in the most unlikely of place.
Sometimes its presence whispered by the leaves that stand on sturdy trees on a vast sheer bed of green, so green that it gives the tired eye the refreshing look it so deserves.
The sunlight that catches the tiny speck of glint in her eye makes sure that it also gives it a surreal look.
She embraces its dignity with warm stunning stares, the contours of which indulge in shining love.

She sits high on the hammock tied to a tree
And as she swings sideways singing to the birds that keep her company
Her words are carried far by the light gentle breeze
Her voice that magnify clarity taking the half hidden deer standing between the bushes by surprise and looking up in awe and possibly saying that it is a call from the Goddess of Songs.

The blue of the hills in the distant somewhere collide with drifting clouds that swiftly passes it by
And the wistfulness of the valleys that lay below in a shrouded mist
Hear the sound of an angel somewhere far between them
They echo in resonance in a sweet nostalgic reverence

This Goddess of Song speaks to man and beast alike
Even nature stands in testimony to her coveted embrace
Just as the butterflies and the bees feed on the nectar of their love
The flowers that bloom in prominence discover their radiance

As the sun disappears blending into those hills another time
The song of Goddess becomes a distant song
The spectacular display of a myriad of colors that stream through the sky await the night sky
Just as the stars await to flaunt their presentation

There she goes the Goddess of Song
To quiet the embrace of the night
To return when daybreak consumes her mind

And bring soul to a waiting world once more.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

Monday, January 22, 2018


The philosophers that wrote of love were many
But I am sure none could really explain in great length the emotion that it conjured
Not unless they had felt the anguish that it induced
It takes a pained heart to experience true love
And true grit to make it a meaningful one
Love in all its splendor
Can even equate with as one of the world’s wonder
Of the seas and stars above does it capture!
Catapulting the heart in a myriad of enrapture
(an excerpt from A Christmas Duet)

ISBN : 978-1-948424-83-7

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Monday, January 15, 2018

The Rose of Gentle

Image result for free image of a rose

I took a walk in the Garden of Roses
It took my breath away
And filled my tired soul with amazing beauty

One caught my eye, its radiant beauty just astounding
Its gentle petals so fragile and yet so proud in its standing
O its dew kissed look, refreshing and invigorating

I had a special name for it
I called it "The Rose of Gentle"
For it to me was the epitome of exquisiteness

As I sat on a bench, admiring its stunning stature
Wondering at its beautiful exquisite grandeur
It stood out from the rest, attracting unrivaled attention

I took a walk in the Garden of Roses
And chanced upon a dream of a rose
It touched my senses
Its scent lingering and intoxicating
I believe it took me on trip to enchantment.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Just When...

Just When I start giving up
                     HOPE comes walking in..

Just When I put a pen down
                    INSPIRATION starts knocking at my door...

Just When the world is against me
                    A FRIEND in one is what I find...

Just When the tears start rolling
                     A THOUGHT comes to mind that make me smile...

Just When desperation seeks me out
                     COMFORT stands at my doorway

And Just When I feel like giving UP
                     I THINK of all the countless that weren't given a chance...


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Dalia woke up that morning a little discomfited by the numbness she felt in her head. As she strained to sit up on her bed holding her head in both her hands, she groaned when she felt sudden sharp jabs running through the nerve ends and which appeared as though they were relentlessly picking at her brains.  They were akin to a thousand pins and needles poking all at the same time!  She felt hot tears sting her eyes just then and wondered at the cause of this sudden ailment that overpowered her body so unexpectedly.

With an almost unbearable effort, she turned to look at the clock on her bedside table and saw that it was 7.00am. It was time for her to get ready and leave for the office or otherwise she might be stuck in a traffic crawl and she didn’t want to be late for the board meeting that was scheduled for the day she reflected, her thoughts in total disarray.  Her head throbbing with searing pain, she got off her bed and as she stood up, she felt a wave of nausea come over her. Holding on to the side of the bed, Dalia attempted to steady her slight trembling body while at the same time control the queasy feeling she felt inside of her. “What was happening to me?” Dalia mumbled feeling a little alarmed.

She proceeded to slowly walk to the adjoining bathroom in her bedroom. With each step that she took Dalia felt intense piercing pain gorge through her head immobilizing her movements. In a state of absolute confusion, she felt the walls of her room spin in a deadly fashion. The bathroom was just a short distance from her bed but it seemed such an arduous task to reach it, Dalia cried inwardly. Seeing the walls seemingly close in on her, Dalia moved over and leaned on the side of the wall adjacent to her bed for support and dragged her body till she reached the bathroom.

There was something so very wrong with her, Dalia decided as she summoned up enough strength to wash her face and walk unstably, very nearly stumbling over her own feet back to her bed. There was no way she could drive to work! It would be disastrous to drive in the state she was in to say the least, she reasoned - concern consuming her. A sudden longing for her family back home in Singapore gripped her as Dalia fell onto her bed in a heap and went into a semi-conscious state. She felt a sense of complete relief just passing out on her bed though she could decipher faintly what was happening around her.

As she tried to stay awake telling herself over and over again that she must not succumb to her oblivion, Dalia recounted the events of the day before in a blurred sequence.
She had come back home to the apartment that she rented in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur very late the previous night. Her work commitment as a Legislator of a reputable law firm took up almost all of her time with not much to spare even on weekends and the one thing Dalia missed terribly was that she did not have the capacity to interact as much as she would have liked to with her family back home in Singapore.

Before leaving the office, she had given specific instructions to her personal assistant to have some important documents verified and signed. They had been preparing the management reports for the board meeting the next day together and it was crucial as the Partners of the Firm from the Regional Office would be present at the meeting. Her personal assistant was someone she trusted wholeheartedly to handle all her confidential matters and Dalia could count on her to get everything she required sorted out and organized in due time. Dalia lived alone and though she enjoyed her work, she ostensibly missed out on all the fun that any thirty year old adult would normally revel in. Her friends were mostly her colleagues who were just as busy with their jobs and the lives they led for her to really consider having close intimate relationships with.

As another tide of nauseous feeling engulfed her, Dalia tried to sit up just in case she threw up. However, the pain in her head was so excruciating that she fell back onto the bed once again and felt the room swim about her. In respite she went into deep sluggishness and began to hallucinate.

It was a strange place that she was in – dark and brooding. She felt herself being watched but she could not fathom who was watching her. Her whole body was drenched in sweat and she tried to say something out loud but she couldn’t mouth the words she wanted said. She attempted once more to say something. “What was it I wanted to say?” she asked herself and tried painfully to recollect her thoughts.  Her head was spinning irrepressibly and Dalia finally heard herself say that she wanted to go back to sleep. Someone was saying something to her but who was it?  That person was not allowing her to sleep was what came to mind and Dalia tried hard to shut that voice out of her head!  There it was again, that nagging voice! Dalia relented and gave in to the extreme fatigue that she was going through and went into a deep exhausting slumber.

Every now and then she would wake up to a wave of semi –conscious turmoil that took over her state of mind. At some point, Dalia lifted herself to sit up and sip some water from the glass on her bedside table. Every night she would refill the glass of water and keep it next to her just in case she woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. She didn’t drink her water the night before however and drifted right to sleep in sheer exhaustion after a long day at work.

Her mouth felt dry and dehydrated. The throbbing pain in her head had lessened for a bit but the stiffness in her limbs persisted making it difficult for her to move them freely. After taking a small sip of the water, Dalia felt her head start to spin again. Holding her head with one hand, she turned to look outside her window on her left and saw that the sun was shining brightly and that it was blazing hot. There was not a speck of clouds in the sky. She wondered what the time was! She checked her timepiece on the table and saw that it was 1.30pm in the afternoon. She must have passed out for most part of the morning, she thought to herself.

She knew she had to inform the office about what had transpired but her fingers felt too numb and the phone which she had left on charging overnight was on a stand-alone cabinet across the room from where her bed was. It would take considerable effort for her to walk up and retrieve the phone for sure, Dalia conceded.  She wondered then if her assistant had called her when she didn’t show up for work and could not recall hearing the phone ring in the first instance. She most definitely would have as the meeting scheduled for the morning was to be chaired by Dalia. Her personal assistant would have been frantic for sure and for a fact she would have sensed that something serious had taken place for Dalia not to show up for work that morning.

Dalia then recalled faintly that some months ago she was prescribed with painkillers for a migraine that wouldn’t go away and which had persisted for days brushing aside the seriousness of the condition as soon as it stopped causing her undue distress. The doctor who had prescribed the painkillers had said that he believed it was migraine which was caused by the stress level of her job but had cautioned her that if the headache recurred, she should consider having an MRI scan just as a routine check. He had advised that it would be good to have a complete medical check-up for her own peace of mind. Dalia thought nothing of it then when the pain subsided after taking the painkillers within a couple of days and carried on with her normal routine.

Dalia remembered now that the painkillers were in the top drawer of her bedside table. She deliberated taking it out of the drawer but sat glued to the bed instead. She just couldn’t feel her limbs nor could she move them. Her head now ached in convulsions, every now and then easing and then increasing in stinging agony. Her eyes felt heavy with piercing pain and exhaustion. Dalia shut her eyes hoping to reduce the intensity of her affliction only she fell into a listless state. Her mouth dripped now with saliva that she couldn’t contain.

Dalia slowly fell back on her pillow and started hallucinating once again. It was the same setting – dark and brooding. Someone was there just watching her. There were a few people behind him. “Was it a man or a woman?” she felt herself thinking. She looked up to the sky and saw dark clouds about to burst into thunderous rain. They were moving at an accelerated speed almost like paving the way for a lightning to strike. “Would it strike me?” she thought fear washing over her. She looked around to see if she could find a shelter only it was too dark to see anything now. The dark clouds had blackened the whole atmosphere. Her surroundings were pitch black! Maybe she should just keep walking ahead, she thought. “Where was that person just now who was watching me?” she asked as she looked around. He was no more there!

Dalia kept trying very hard to move forward but her legs were so stiff. “What was it she learned in her limited lifetime experience so far?” Dalia questioned trying to remember. “Taking it One Step at A Time” when faced with obstacles always helps in any situation-yes that was it! The dark clouds were moving away now. There seemed to be some form of light coming through. Dalia fell into a blissful deep sleep then.

When she came to, she saw that she was in a hospital bed. There were flowers in every corner of her room with their fragrance overpowering like sweet perfume. She turned to see her assistant sitting beside her bed and in an instant a nurse had come into the room, when she opened her eyes. She had been in a coma for three whole days she was told and an MRI scan showed that there was a tumor in her brain. They had already scheduled an emergency operation for the next day and two specialist surgeons would be conducting the operation. . It was to be an intricate surgery and would take a couple of hours based on the complexity of the procedure. Her assistant had already contacted her family in Singapore and they were on their way to be with her.

Dalia listened in utter disbelief. She started crying softly and her assistant who stood beside her rubbed her hands in comfort. She suddenly realized that she was able to move her body and the pain in her head had subsided considerably. Her assistant went on to inform her that the doctors had advocated some medication to halt the effects of the tumor on her bodily functions temporarily and put her on glucose drips as she was totally dehydrated when she was wheeled into the hospital. She was lucky to be alive, she disclosed in a glum voice.

Then Dalia’s assistant went on to tell her how she had gone to the apartment to look for her when Dalia didn’t show up to the office by mid-afternoon that day and to make matters worse, Dalia wasn’t answering any of the calls that she made to her. It then occurred to Dalia that her assistant held a spare key to her apartment and was thankful that she had given her one to keep in case of any emergency. It had totally slipped her mind that day.

It took an almost fatal tragedy for Dalia to listen to the voices of discord in her body. The operation was a successful one and Dalia was well on the road to recovery. In Dalia’s case, she was lucky to be spared any irreversible damage to her body and what she thought to be a migraine turned out to be a serious infirmity that could have taken her life.

Life is about making the right choices. Stress is the number one killer in society today with more young people falling prey to its causes. Most diseases are caused by living stressful lives. The world now needs its inhabitants to lead balanced lives and make health a priority to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

If I could make a wish come true

If I could make a wish come true I would ask for the world to leave me alone For there are many things that I have planned to do...