Friday, January 18, 2019

Lady in Waiting

A writer/poet lives two lives - one in reality and the other in absolute sensitivity to distraction - shobana

Far across the dark ridges of time
A lady in waiting captures the finer moments of art
Darkness over the ridges and colors that complement it
She is the vision of distracting creation

Of a painter's love she is
Breathtakingly beautiful, serene
She sits and awaits the dawn
Pristine and gentle in form

Not the night owls nor the creatures that roam
dare disturb a presence so fragile and warm
They believe her to be mystical and free
and leaves her to exude her charm

Far across where celestial waters lie
A lady in waiting sits upright
For her timeless essence of sacredness abide
in the dusk that surrounds her, surreal and sensational

All rights reserved. Copyright@2019

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Through My Eyes - Cuba, where art resembles its form

I landed on the other side of the Globe on a hot afternoon
Unsure of what would greet me and my entourage
Destination – Cuba,   A country enigmatic even by its name
Nothing could stop my apprehension mixed with a little reverie
I wondered at its novelty

The first impression left me curious for more:-

I had heard of its people
“They are tough, proud, these Cubans and very protective of their heritage and Country”
I envisioned a formidable presence, just like the leader of its time, Fidel Castro
I had read about its revolutionary leaders, marked for their fighting spirit for Freedom

What greeted me took me by surprise
It was not like in the books, nor the articles I had read
The people were magnetically beautiful, gorgeous pales in comparison
They were warm and courteous
Even if sometimes they stared really hard at me
They were just as curious, I was a stranger among them

They traveled back in time – these Cubans
And I was transformed into the fifties, Clark Gable and Monroe came to mind
Synonymous with the best hand-made cigars, the vintage cars astounded me, I was awestruck and fascinated
Chevy Impala, Ford Fairlane, Chevrolet  and Moskvitch? – some of the brands that stuck with me
Big and spacious, they were driven by equally big Cubans with cigarettes between their fingers and quick wit on their tongues.
They had stories of old, lived a life that spoke to the soul, danced to music that carved a niche to their name and sang to songs of the golden era. They lived happy lives even in their adversity.
I supposed then that the world should learn from these kindred spirits - happiness is what you make of it.

The buildings stood the test of time, of old architecture and spoke of deep-rooted history
Some reliving an era of the past and some plastered with colours that brightened dull buildings that had outlived times.
They were a colourful people, a land where art met anyone who ventured there
I thought the Cubans were not in a hurry to expedite development in the Country
I thought them not eager to leave their past behind

They lived each day with vigor and passion
They brandied their enthusiasm with everyone on the street
They kissed each other on the cheeks and everyone had a smile for me
They were simply contagious
It was the land where love thrived and blossomed

I guess there is a reason why I made it to the other side of the Globe in my time
A totally new part of the world revealed itself to me
I learnt that people were unique to their culture and homeland,
I learnt that even in the midst of strangers, a strange land can become more than a home

Happy 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution! #Viva Cuba

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana

I made two trips to Cuba, one in 2007 to enlist my daughter to do her Medical Degree in Havana and again in 2014 to attend her graduation as a qualified Doctor in Camaguey. (She was one of the recipients from Malaysia who was offered the Cuban Scholarship)
Both times Cuba left a lasting impression in my poetic mind.
My daughter Dr.Sasha Jo Anne Gomez met her husband, also a graduate of the Medical University in Camaguey Dr. Ramesh Rambharose in Cuba and today they both work as Medical Doctors in Guyana.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Do you have your own Song ?

Whither the nightingale
Who woke up the nightlife
Singing a sweet song
That drew the night crowd

Some hummed to its love song
Some danced to its tune
Till the break of dawn
They were mesmerized by its gentle sounds

No instruments to keep company
The nightingale's show entranced
Till the break of morn appeared
Lighting parts of a new sky

The nightingale departed
Somewhere far where it was sundown
In tired tones, some heard it whisper
Do you have your own song?

'Your Song' by Elton John,  one of my favorite songs ever!

All rights reserved.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What's new with me verses What I actually want to do this New Year!

What's new with me this New Year? Well, I am venturing into book reviews!! Please contact me if you want to get your books reviewed for a nominal fee! I am now with LinkedIn again. Follow me for more updates! I do have an instagram account and I am still trying to figure out how to really upload my work there and maybe make friends there! Totally incompetent where technology is concerned!

What I actually want to do? Is to travel to Florence and visit the exotic Athens! Maybe even ski for a change. The best part is perhaps I can still chase that dream since its only the beginning of the year!

Oh yes, I will start yet again, writing and becoming part of the writers and readers institution!

Need your books reviewed? For as little as USD10.00 depending on the number of pages of the book, it typically takes 10-15 days. Honest opinion and review will be done with diligence. From the Author of The Christmas Duet, awarded the top 10% among writers badge for the Inkitt Novel Contest and the Winner of the best poem, Goddess of Song in the Enchanted Conversation Magazine Poetry Contest - February 2018 issue. Shobana Gomes can be contacted at Visit her website to find out more about her writing works. . Preferred Genre : Drama, children's books, adventure, romance and poetry. Non fiction will also be considered. hashtagbookreviews hashtagbookstoread hashtagwriting hashtagwriters#poet hashtagreviews hashtagauthorsofinstagram

Okay give me a break, I am also trying hard to advertise my services the best I can.

Here's wishing each and every one of you a successful and productive New Year 2019! Have a blissfully peaceful year y'all.


Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019

It's amazing how time flies,  if only you can clip its wings and take a leisurely ride, watch rainbows form and catch falling stars....but time waits for no man and another year is upon us. Wishing everyone  a Happy New Year 2019 . May it be peacefully bliss!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A time for Christmas

It's the special torch that lights up lives
like no other  season,
It's the sparkling light that shines through eyes awaiting the occasion
It's when colors brighten and  sit in style on plain green branches,  a Grande transformation.

A child's sleepless night, the midnight church bells toll announcing the start of the celebrations

The birth of our Lord Jesus is a time for all to rise in jubilation.  A time to cheer, a time to sing,  a time to remember that goodness should reign supreme in hearts of men and a time to revel in its peacefulness.

It's time for Christmas. All over the world,  people rejoice in its glory. Alleluia!

Merry Christmas to all.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

ANOTHER PLACE TO CALL HOME - A story by Shobana Gomes

A story by Shobana Gomes
(Now an entry for the Inkitt Novel Contest - please vote for the story by signing into

An interesting story of a young girl's voyage to a new way of life and into unknown charters. "Another Place to Call Home" will keep you entertained as long as it takes to finish the novel and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 


It was a journey that led her to self-discovery and one that steered her to a new chapter in her life.
A riveting story told of an Indian girl who is forced to leave her Country of birth and move to a foreign land to get married to someone of her family’s choice. She is unable to comprehend why she was chosen to wed a total stranger and why her family had agreed to a match that would turn her whole life upside down. She is emotionally affected by the arranged marriage and has nothing but scorn for the groom and his mother, who by the way was instrumental in arranging the marriage.
However, she soon realizes that the emotional turmoil that she is going through, not only affects her but the groom as well:-
He looked at her with an exasperated look on his face. He asked her in a vexed manner, “Why did you not tell the older people who are in there right now, discussing the wedding preparations, that you needed time to think about this then? Why did you make the trip to Malaysia if you were not ready to get married? Didn’t you know that this was a life-changing matter for you and let me remind you that you are also putting me at a disadvantage here? You should have thought that I had a right to have a bride who was willing, and not one who is forced to marry me.

Goddess of Song

My Poem "Goddess of Song" was accepted and published in the February 2018 issue of the Enchanted Conversation Magazine :- Read...