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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Missing you and thinking about you every day
Nothing's been the same
I miss all our days together at the office and home
And how we began a venture
that would have reached the pinnacle of success we dreamt of
No hurdles could stop us
We overcame each challenge as it came along

I live each day knowing that you watch over me
It's hard but perseverance is all I have now
I live with the pain of losing a sister so beautiful both inside out
But I know that someday soon we'll share the laughter
we once lived by
no matter what crossed our paths.

Partners for life!

@shobana. All rights reserved. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Malaysia Day Reignited, September 16, 1963

It was in 1963, Gimby wrote Malaysia Forever
When the merging states became a Federation
The Peninsular, North Borneo (Sabah now), Sarawak & Singapore
September 16, 1963 - Malaysia Day federated

Singapore leaves the federation in 1965
The Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak now stand strong as Malaysia
We stay united with the states embracing
Each other's culture, tradition and unique differences
Not to mention to keep alive the spirit of the alignment

Our land of birth belongs to us
A birthright of all the rightful citizens of this multi-ethnic Country
We share its successes, we believe in its promises
We are part of its growth
We are Malaysia, Let's stand united as Proud Malaysians

Malaysia Forever (A song written by Bobby Gimby ( A Canadian) in the 1960s)

Let's get together, Sing a happy song, Malaysia forever, Ten million strong.
Land of the free, Marching as one. Ready to share in every way, So let's get it done -- get it done, get it done.
We're all in the same boat, Steady as you go. Let's pull together, Everybody row -- row, row, row.
It's right, It's the answer ,There's no other way, To be good neighbours, Everyday Malaysia Forever.
Evermore more, United for liberty, Home of the happy people, Just you wait and see -- wait and see, wait and see, wait and see.
Let's get together, Sing a happy song, Malaysia forever, Ten million strong.
We're ready for merger, Let's open the door, To Malaysia forever, Ever more![
(Song taken from an excerpt in Wikipedia)

All rights reserved. @shobanagomes

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Restored and Uplifted

In silent adoration I lift up my soul
My trembling heart appeased
I breathe in the freeing breeze

The tilt of my head uplifting 
My eyes unseeing,  I feel instead 
I am standing on the highest peak of a mountain in the distance 

No turbulence only the gentleness of the aroused waters surround me
I am in a void between heaven and nirvana 
I am renewed and my soul nourished 

I am as free as the sun that rises and sets 
My will redeemed,  I rise restored from a tired world. 

All rights reserved. @shobana

Thursday, August 16, 2018

There used to be a tree there

There used to be a tree there
It stood sturdy and tall
The leaves were lush and the branches strong
It gave shade to the weary traveller

There used to be a house on a hill
Filled with love and laughter
People held parties there
With lots of food and drinks
They basked and danced in gaiety

There used to be a  road that led to the house
A busy road it was
Cars, bicycles, carts and buses plied that road
Pedestrians walked on it for miles

Where is the road  now that led to the house on the  hill where the tree stood sturdy and tall,  under which weary travelers rested

It's no more
A mighty storm washed it away
To obscurity and is now relegated to the past, history
One which our children will never know of

Where are the people who lived there once
They have become a shaded memory
The landscape has been reconstructed
Amidst grief and loss

The mighty storm had a calling
It stole the show with its fierce retribution
There were just too many reasons
Or maybe it didn't need an explanation
The mighty storm unleashed its fury
No one really knows WHY!

The world  - at the mercy of Mother Nature

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Missing YOU amongst Us

I miss those lovely times with YOU amongst us
It seems so long ago
No, was it just the other day?

3, 5 years I cannot tell
As the pain still lie heavy in my heart
like it was yesterday.

Beautiful, your smile said it all
"I am the sexy, outstanding one of all"
that's YOU

I miss the YOU amongst us
No pain or trouble could get you down
Ageless, YOU will be immortalized
YOU followed your heart
A true Woman of Will
YOU were the braveheart amongst us.

I miss those lovely times with YOU amongst us
Memories claim my thoughts every single time
As I remember you asking me in a quiet voice
on a  rainy day as we drove into town 
"Do you love to listen to the rain?"

I really miss my sister Jacky, who passed on so unexpectedly a couple of years ago. She was a fighter amidst her illness and pain. No matter her trials, she put on a brave front and smiled her way through an arduous time. She was a joy to have and to be with. She was my business partner, my sister, my confidante, my support and truly my dancing partner. I love you Jacky and I miss you so much. I think of you every single day. I only hope you are happy where you are because right here where you left us, we feel a void that cannot be filled.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

When We Dance (Revised Version)

We, You and I
had a "Once a Upon a Time" of our lives

We believed in love
We believed in song
We believed in soulful dance

Young, giddy headed
Our heart beat spoke instead of our lips
that concealed the voice that lover's speak
One of bliss
One of tenderness
One of arousing

We stand on a stage
The band plays a soft music
we dance a lover's waltz

You hold me close
I feel your warmth
I am on edge of time

As we waltz the night away
The silent rain outside dance to a sound all their own
Pitter-patter on the tarmac
The beat of the music sensational
In their rhythm
They steal the show

We twirl blissfully unaware
of the people around us
Our steps soft on the floor
We move to the gentle music
Embracing love desirous

We dance to the sound of a lover's song
The night endless
Time stands still
The music fades
The people disappear

When we Dance
It's just You and I 

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The reflection was none as I saw it
Behind the mirror stood a young waif in person
Tall and confident
Desiringly beautiful
The waif had a wishful look about her

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall"
whispered she 
"Show me the woman in her true form
For she sees not the image
That is portrayed on your face
Would you please be truthful for once"

She walks away, the little child in her self
Sulking and Disappointed

But the mirror never changed its stance
The reflection was the same till the last
Until one day the disgruntled woman
Who thought it to be false
Shattered the mirror 
and brought in another

For the waif like woman
Couldn't believe the beauty revealed in the face of the mirror
Until the image in the new one
Reflected the same about her.

For what is beauty
If you can't accept it as portrayed
And instead crave the unrealistic notion of a stubborn mind.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all

It is the one who stands before me
With a heart of gold
And a mind that speaks of genuity
An ageless soul
She would appear beyond her years
As a youthful beauty
With an everlasting legacy.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2018

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