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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Breath of Sweet Christmas


The snowcapped mountains stood braving the wind

That brought about jingles in satin and pink

The reindeer rang jingles as they raced onwards in glee

For the breath of sweet Christmas faces dawn in the spree

Christmas time, Christmas morn

Holding the little babe in Her arms

A quiet solitude of wishes from the three kings did come

For the breath of sweet Christmas be on one and on all.

Joyful time, Christmas dine

Friends and family sight the Christmas star

that guides each and everyone for a Savior is born.

Sings songs of praise, walk in love

The Jingle- Jangle sounds reign loud and clear

Songs of Christmas lay among the herd.

The windows rattle amidst the steer

For there to bear witness to Thine name

A Savior is born.

“For the earth was divided once and today comes together with the risen Lord.”

Chapters of the Sophist

In a state of soliloquy she stood,
A pen and a paper set on the rubber wood..
A sonnet gathered in her mind
to be written in bold, white and grey..

The cast of clouds above watched
with abomination as a sophist stood
with false arguments presented in
slow eroding tension.

A solecism formed in her mind of
solemn appraisal,
What of the fate of the sonnet that
reached the peak of heights,
For none can write of the bargains
that the glum world begets to hide,
And none can read the chapters of
the tricksters that see with charred
reverent hides.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Date

She waited in anticipation

For what is to come

At the hour of seven tonite

She meets him for the first time

A pretty blue dress she picks

His favourite colour

In reflection of the many spoken words

That came to her mind

As the hour crept upon her

Her expectation and her anticipation grew

Seeing him walk towards her

In her heart she knew

This date will always stay true.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sylph

Her long arms, slender and white
stretched out to pick the pebbles
glistening in the sun,
A tender face with a lovely smile
mirrored in the waters by her side.

She waited for the sun to set
for it was from sunrise that she awakened the
sleeping waters, slowly tempting
the pebbles into her outstretched fingers.

Many tales were told by the pebbles
lying in deep slumber there,
For how long did they lie there unawakened
she wondered...
glistening and overshadowed sometimes
by the warmth permeating the moss of
the waters like silken shrouds of green.

The sun set descended sending a golden hue on her
bodily frame giving her an imaginary outline,
one that many know and see as a sylph.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Essentially, the big question is....

- Why do people fall in love

- Why are there heartbreaks

- Why get married

- Why do some laws allow abortion and at the

same time try to create humans by cloning

- Why is Aids still incurable if the world has advanced

scientifically by leaps and bound...are the scientists

all busy cloning these days

- Why is there poverty - isn't there enough food in this

whole wide world!

- Why is laughter the best medicine - Can you bottle

it and perhaps sell it to the poor man in the street

- And why oh why Lord are there all these different kinds

of people in this world - different sizes, races, colours

killing each other for whatever reason they think is right

- Why are street lights needed when there are stars

shining ever so brightly

- Oh yes, why do we get parking summons

- Essentially, WHY CLONING....isn't life complicated enough!!!

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