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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heart of Mine

A miniscule step to a time warp
taken with giant strides
sent a shiver of regret
to this heart of mine..

Uplifting words strewn across the sky
of rainbows lingering
in a line-up of showy colors
heart of mine..
would someday speak
our colors of love..

Enlightening thoughts hidden
through the creases of evergreen dreams
reaching obscurity or even
submitting to maturity
heart of mine..
would someday speak of
realization with
tears mingled with

Heart of mine...


Monday, September 19, 2011


Vendetta oops a wrong assumption
of the situation
of this division..

Would you say so ??

A play of football mixed with dance routines
enconcsed by a thrilling
joint invasion
of minds of business
comprising liaisons
of unheard sembitions
of worldly matters
in a submerged omission
of freedom uprising
in a rising
of temptation
conjuring thoughts
and emotions
delving in love-hate relation

A matter of principle would you not say???

So I say that this explanation
I give in subjection
to your question
is null & void
as far as concerns arising
there is none in the vision
of our known embracing
of a poet of a demure
nay a naughty nuisance
that brought about
the fall of a universe
and is charged with treason...

A matter worth rethinking would you not say???

So I say nay
what is of treason
I am but a victim of circumstance..

Nay of love or maybe envy
so in this writ of explanation
I win in an open dismissal
of this case of insane admission
of violation...


Sunday, September 18, 2011

From him to her

 the leaves brushes past the wind
the night breezy
the ambience
for two hearts
sending ripples
of waves
on a shoreline
in a quiet distant

this night theirs
whispered the leaves
as she listened
for him
his presence
to complete
a time
set for two

Amongst the curtains
that danced with the wind
she heard him
and felt his
love within
of two hearts made into one

Hidden dreams he once had of her
Held on too long
his pain he let her
to see
in the open
as he holds her
close and breathes
the words
his heart had
longed for 
to have her hear..

I love you my heart he says
And I have waited far too long and its been years
Time has passed and now
its come to a phase
where I cannot wait without any tears
so please
 take this ring
and make me a man complete
and I would only be
happy with you and me
as one.

- shobana -

Thursday, September 8, 2011

When reasons surmount

She grew up thinking that it was a
never ending gift to learn..
Listening to the aging
and the aged she once thought who knew
the reasons for life
and its multiple illusions which grew
in her seemingly devoted
time spent with what she loved
and they that she thought loved her too..

In the plains of her mind
and the braids of her time
listfullness seem
to take up much of her time..


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