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Sunday, September 18, 2011

From him to her

 the leaves brushes past the wind
the night breezy
the ambience
for two hearts
sending ripples
of waves
on a shoreline
in a quiet distant

this night theirs
whispered the leaves
as she listened
for him
his presence
to complete
a time
set for two

Amongst the curtains
that danced with the wind
she heard him
and felt his
love within
of two hearts made into one

Hidden dreams he once had of her
Held on too long
his pain he let her
to see
in the open
as he holds her
close and breathes
the words
his heart had
longed for 
to have her hear..

I love you my heart he says
And I have waited far too long and its been years
Time has passed and now
its come to a phase
where I cannot wait without any tears
so please
 take this ring
and make me a man complete
and I would only be
happy with you and me
as one.

- shobana -

1 comment:

  1. Well first find this romantic man Shobana one who would say such things and concede all power to his soul mate.


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