Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somewhere in the jungles of the amazon..

In the jungles of the amazon
so this story goes...

The Lion King missed a roar
when he sneezed and decided an uproar
was in the making..

The giraffe walked the gazebos
wondering if it was alright they wore
spotted tuxedos
for the meeting..

The tigers lined their furry self
combing and playing
down their wicked self
it was a gathering..

Out comes the zebras and the
albeit a little worrisome
in their features
might they be a fanfare
of meal to some?

The clock kept ticking
and out came the duckling
one full of venom
the other a little mistaken
for an angel..

The chickens that once crossed the road
and survived a huge accident
decided laying eggs of gold..
was a far-fetched dream
they were ready for the crossing...

When they met at an unnumbered venue
All decided there were some
who were missed and some who missed..
the subject of the roar
 the object of the crow,
the tribal warfare
none the better a reason for war..

The Lion King dethroned
for his duty was in question
when the duckling seen as an
angel threw a stone and
was charged with treason..


Hiya everyone..just picture the amazon to our concrete jungle..the similarity lies  in the mind of the breeding..have a great day and smile and the world smiles with you..cry and don't even think a tear will
be shed for you...:)

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  1. Well we have Pelicans' crossing Zebra's crossing Panda's And somethings flyover stop crying on the page please


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