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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Through the written word

Seen to many with eyes that blind
she stood one day
with her written word
pen in hand
paper within her grasp
telling her story
to ears of the quiet
watching her emblazon
in colors of
red for the danger
they induce in her..

In a tiny enclave
of her written mind
these words of true
did ring a chime...

"Freedom of the mind sometimes ridicules
the thoughts of the wise and misleads
their guise until such time
they realize - the mind has the power
to unleash their pride"


1 comment:

  1. Indeed Shobana sometimes we say far more than is wise as I did a while ago saying I would send you ten dollars if you could write anything as long as I did in 40 minutes. I shall now have to go without bananas for a week unless you prefer a humble penance. No no I shall send the bananas I mean the ten dollars


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