Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Curse

Brazen in her outlook
she wore a face with a mask..
Silence in her thoughts and averbal in her words,
her mind a simple structure of
 a stolen repertoire..

In the coldness of the darkened side
she is beseeched by the cult of the night breeders..
Taken by her beauty and consuming her
Torching her by their evil thoughts
of molten lustiness of sinful ways..
The fires of hell consuming them
and licking their inveterbrae..
Drowning them of night screeches
that fuel their dreadful summons
by the summoners of hellish device..

Dread, dismay and discord
follow the masses who empower her
fighting a battle to salvage her without scorn..
The scorn of the devil..

Fearful she remains as she fights
 the demons..
Cursed for the love she begot,
Cursed by the wicked..
Her walk into the unknown darkness
a curse she's been waylaid..

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  1. I think I am going to be very quiet today


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