Monday, November 28, 2011

In pursuit of the perfect blend of recipes

Have you ever thought of cooking as a that I mean you learn of the culinary skills and master the art of perfection in presenting the work of your hands - like the potter's clay, moulded into the end product of your choice? Cooking has always been for the survival of reliquishing hunger pangs - the ingredients somehow highlighting the means of Man. The poor have a certain recipe as do the rich.
And speaking of recipes - I wonder what the recipe of a blend of cultures and tradition would entail sometimes. Would that Man see the differences or hold on to the notion that one is above the other? I can see in a distant future that the voyage of appreciating the differences will garner a new revolution - one which sees our children emulating and a mixed product of awareness and intelligence taking shape. Right now it is in progress - a little slowly but indocrination of cross culture is on the rise and with that perhaps a new generation of another race. What would you call this race? This new breed of mixed parentages? In normal circumstances the father's race and name is carried on to the next generation and why is that so? What of the mother's standing?
A mother stands to look after a child purely due to her motherly capabilities and instincts when a turmoil arises in a union so since she is allocated a heavy responsibility in nurturing the young with her brand of recipe, I think she should be given her rightful place as the race provider - what say?
Being of a certain race and parentage is an important aspect in the conjoining of Men and Women of this time - wouldn't you say? Each carries forward either a geneology of the old or spring upon us a new genre of race and religion. Religion - depending on the presumed superiority of it.
I for one think that religion is a peaceful divine interlocking of soul within oneself.
For the mockery that Man has made of it, there is so much division today.

I wonder at those who sit at cookery classes jotting down the recipes..coming out as masterchefs - their eventual dream. How perfect it is to perfect a recipe with different ingredients and get the ultimate concoction. The taste being the qualifier. So much like the society we live in. If only we see the need for seeking the recipe to unity. Unity seen through our differences. The qualifier here would be our children who stands to gain what we plant in their minds and be the children of the future.

And so here's me , wishing all of you a great week ahead..the road to harness unity should begin with you and me and so here's a tip to unity...and a great future for our children - may freedom of mind, heart, body and soul be theirs.


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  1. I suppose if the children felt strongly about it they could change their names by deed poll.
    It would make complications though as I suspect many would call themselves after some idol. Shobana your writing is so small have you changed your reading glasses. I can make a brill sponge cake.


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