Monday, November 7, 2011

The Jar of Sushi

So there were two little bitty birds
Who sat in a little corner
called the bird alley..

One by one they caught
little worms and put them away
for a winter drought upcoming..

Days passed and they ticked their calender
made of twigs and little dried leaves...
their worms stored in a container
called the jar of sushi...

One morning as they sat whistling
a little squirrel climbed their alley..
A little jumpy the squirrel made
it to their throne of twig leaves..

Sniff, sniff it went and the birds
were perched on a nearby branch
watching and sharpening their beaks..

One thought I'll poke it
the other I will screech at it..
The squirrel though found the jar of sushi
and thought "Gee what rubbish! and I
climbed way up here and am just so famished"

Its tail in between the squirrel
made the way down - way down where
the ground was..
Jump, jumpy, jump, jumpy
and so it touched base...

The birds whistled a littled louder
and clapped their wings in a banter
of squeamish delight that
sounded like a whistle that went out of rhyme..

The squirrel they thought had the
nerve of steel to come jumping into their alley,
not knowing that when you jump into
the unknown you best be prepared..
or hunger will trail you
till you
touch base with dead rats..


1 comment:

  1. Tweety speaky vipe your beaky. I did not know you were into bird speak Shobana. Charmingly portrayed.


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