Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Of time capsules and getting there..

So I thought I would do a little rambling today - just to get things off my chest for a bit..
I saw a little time capsule in my mind - it went tick tock, tick tock..telling me that for some reason there was a time limit for some of the things that were happening to me - invariably un-understandable I suppose to many of you reading this..
For a limited edition of maybe 20 books I could list it in a paper back cover and sell it for maybe 19.90 ringgit - I wonder if that would make a sale. Thoughts of the famous already are always in demand and here I am wondering how in the world I could get on the famous side!! Just to get my book sold that is..
So here is the thing - I would pretty myself up (that's because looks can get you places these days)  get into some serious business of writing prophecies or maybe even a bit of gossip mingled with half truths and that reminds me during Sunday mass last Sunday - the priest was very adamant that half truths were lies - Gosh caught me there..I mean how can I sometimes get away from things that I want hidden. I sometimes think my religion expects quite a bit from me. Then there is forgiveness! I mean how can I forgive if I really feel that one should not be forgiven and would it really matter to Jesus if he sees a little bit of envy and half-truths (to cover myself that is) and hidden agenda in the way I do things sometimes. Well, I am a good person overall - I know that for sure and shouldn't that be the bottom line? Did I kill someone - no don't think so which brings me to the question - Do you know what killing really means? Killing in the common dictionary must maybe attain for the action induced to finality of life but here I mean it in the sense of destroying a person's inhibitions, character or just erasing him/her from my memory bank.
Why erasing from my memory bank? That is an interesting question? Maybe there is a justification in that he/she would have probably hurt me MUCH so there -  instead of me forgiving them - I just erase them from my mind and deal with them perhaps on the day of judgement..:)
Life is a bit queer sometimes.. At varied ages you have different incidences that take place - like a phase you have to go through. First childhood, then adolescence and then adulthood but even in the adulthood you see a child and an adolescent in you don't you? So then adulthood constitutes an age of the barrierless. Childhood sees a growth that is step by step in essence, adolescence sees an age between the adult kicking in and a twist of childhood flavor and then we step into adulthood and there we are stuck till death do us part..
So then this got me thinking where am I at this stage of my life - probably at the foot of my next birthday - one step in and another hanging in mid-air just wishing to take a backward stride and get away from the age factor in numbers. Do I look the age I am at now - God No!! or that is what I would like to think - who cares what the onlookers say. I remember having a conversation with my mom and sisters about our looks and mom commented that I look the same as before - (mom - what did you mean by before? Was it when I was twenty something perhaps?)I tried dangling it in front of the mirror but it said otherwise..Gee, mothers- they will say anything sometimes just to make you feel good!!
My daughter thinks I look somewhat a little older now just because I don't do the gym stuff which gets me thinking why have a great body when you face is a dead giveaway or should'nt I think that? I was asked by someone to stay the same in looks till I am seventy .. isn't that something? I cannot envisage that as I remember at 20 I thought 40 was old and told myself that I should be dead at the age just so I would not get into the old age thingy. Gosh - young thoughts can be let down sometimes when you don't get it happening the way you want it to..
Anyway, my time capsule just ticked a goodbye note and here's me wishing all of you a great week ahead, the times are anear for advent and its the season to be merry so smile and let the world smile with you..


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  1. Well I am nearly 100 and I have the same face as I had when I was 80. you youngsters on about faces and time castles and cod liver oil castles,
    Always rub cod liver oil on your chest it repels suitors. in don't know about crocodiles.
    Well back into my time capsule do you know Shobana they eat PUMPKIN on this planet.


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