Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Tempest of the Clouds

Have you noticed how the clouds tell a story?
On a sunny day it brings upon a glory
of a fun filled day..
Pockets of wisdom seen surreal
If you care to read it..
It seems to pass by
a giant in the sky
quiet in its passing
with a quirky eye..

On a rainy day it coaxes
waters genteel or is cushioned by blights of thunder..
The Genteel a submission of
winds of patience and in escalation
the rage of the tempest rapids..


  1. Yes I was as lonely as a cloud well they don't seem lonely perhaps little cloudlets grow into big boys. Please stop stealing clouds before they are grown up we need big wet ones over here.

  2. Hi CC, well finally I am able to answer to your comments. Taking a short break from blogit my friend and will send you an email. It is probably winter there - so let me keep the clouds for a bit here :)


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