Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When You Frey Destiny

What is the most powerful thought that can lead you to your destiny?

For a far thought took her away
to the time of near yesterday..
for what might that yester be
but  oft times a day that's past with might have been
which brings the question of why its near
for the miss she had of chanced scrutiny..

For the near that's nearly been
of the yesterday that's what it should have seen
For just as a single flower blooms
from a bud and springs onto a groomed
A powerful thought can
frey fate and welcome destiny

The most powerful thought that can lead
one into destiny 
is the courage to face fate 
and chance the state
of ambitious scrutiny..-shobana- 


  1. Well this is all right as long as one is under 50. All right 60. Some of us just want to be happy.I would kick destiny over a cliff if it would bend before me. Nether-the-less I feel lost when your delightful remedies are missing. Don't you dare give up.

  2. Hi CC, I won't give up just yet my friend.. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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