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Saturday, December 31, 2011


The year of the new begins
at 00.00
as of a new birth
it brings with it


Champagne glasses click
to the sounds of
"Auld Sang Syne"


The steam of the racers
at the startpoint
at the grid
is watched with awe
and much ado..

For the machines
that race through
sires the start
on a journey
the exilhiration
of the

May 2012 be one
that gives dreams
a chance
and reality
be its stance..


A glass of champagne for you from me...


Friday, December 30, 2011

Shooting Stars

She laid out her plans very carefully
on a silken blanket..
Some had  little velvety decors
surrounded by little diamond shaped stars
glittering with promises
of magic..

The year of 2011 seem to rush
through the last few hours..
The listeners and the dreamers
maketh the year brand new..
The listers and the headers
seem to envision
a new Earth
that promises the freedom
of caged birds..

May the year ahead
come knocking with tallied tarrot cards
where the beginning and the end
is one of endless
shooting stars..


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Of Curtains and its eloquence on festivals..

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Tis the season to be merry, jolly and rich..
Well, I had a great time this Christmas..sort of did a couple of things different this year. I wonder if any of you had a change of heart and direction as I did this year. After the past four years of just whizzing through Christmas, we sort of made up for it with three different days of inviting friends and relatives over and having a bash..that's right - a bashful christmas with goodies and laughter and mingling..

Christmas definitely brings out the best in me..I had the chance of celebrating it in quite a grandiose way I should say. The first day of Christmas saw us having a couple over (chinese - due to the diversity of inter-racial festivals, we sort of look out for the festivities of the other races and they were the same) The second day of Christmas, my family came over for dinner and we gave ourselves a break on the third day.The fourth saw my daughter's friends come over and one actually stayed back after the celebration! I could hear them downstairs way past three in the a.m. and went into a deja-vu reminiscing about my celebrations way back when I had them with friends in my university.

Anyway, what does life have to offer if we forget to celebrate our existence of culture, race and religion in the ways of our teachings or upbringing.

I looked around the house this morning when I woke up and saw the different curtains I had put up..ever wonder at curtains and how they add an eloquence to a home.  New curtains bring out the atmosphere and spirit of a new decor in place and gives a home an added lustre don't you think? My Christmas curtains by the tree provided a multiple colorful array of lighting amidst the red of the lights that lit up the tree plus who can do without the white in curtains singling out its cleanliness of the house spring cleaned for Christmas.
I was definitely proud of them curtains I should say!!
Well I did have the guests remark in admiration of them..:)..ok just one or two of them ..Gosh!!

As always I did experience the silent absence of my dad and brother but on another note of confidentiality, I had an angel follow me around helping me with the chores and such. Cooking?? naw..don't think my angel could whip up the mutton peratal(dried curried mutton)the way I do so I was thankfully left to that bit of my assigned work alone. I wonder - would you by chance love having someone look you over the shoulder every now and then or follow you like a puppy everywhere you go?? Gosh, that would take some getting used to I believe. With me - I am still getting used to it and just for your info my angel is in absentia..ha..ha..

Well it is the week before the New Year, so make the best of the last few days of 2011. Here's me sending all of you a little poem of love and wishing you happiness at all times..

I made a little wish this Christmas
It was of you
To bring peace and happiness
and with it love and blessings too

I made a little wish this Christmas
And it was of me
To share the love and blessings that I have
and with it peace and happiness too..

Love you guys..


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A card for the Lady

A huge card for Christmas
lay at the foot of the tree
sent by an admirer
and thus were the words
said with much glee..

To you my lady I send
this with love
enveloped with hugs
& kisses
and thoughts 
of you this year..


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Jester of Slurs

The chalice of wine on one hand
the jester began his outpouring
astute in his words
he slurred forth his song..

"I'm on a different level now
between the rough seas on a rocky boat..
I see far into the wild and am
in disguise as the jester
of worldly drunken wine..
I swim the seas of the red wine
and see it sparkling in the cup
a tinted red it seems to me and
I dine with no-one but the wine.."

The jester pushes forward
his breath foul and battered
with the spirit of wine..
His words sung in slander
of the obsessive drunken slur.

A song for Christmas

This Christmas belongs to you and me
In a silent caress it  touches we
Adoring and whispering words of love
with hugs and kisses we embrace unsurpassed

Our chances are mingled with the hope it represents
That someday we'll cherish and speak of it to no end
This Christmas you hungered for my love as I did yours
As we spread its cheer  on a cloud of nine stood we

Our carols are sung amidst noiseless stellar days
awaiting the birth of the beginning of another year
Christmas for you and me is seen so clear
amidst a chrism of constellation it lights up our love
and twinkle anew like the stars that shine above

Christmas this year is just for you and me
Our soulful song sung in a chorus of ageless cheer
Valentines Day GiftThe lark and the stork is bound the other way
For this year our song is sung for just you and me


Monday, December 19, 2011

Razzle, Dazzle Jeez Medazzle

Razzle Dazzle Jeez Medazzle
I picked a gift from the trinket shop at Gazele
A little white diamond
set on white gold that resembled
the white shiny star
that led the shepherds to the stable..

Razzle Dazzle Jeez Medazzle
The gift I wrapped in a blue ensemble
with a blue ribbon tied
to the top
done with some battle
of a tricky job dabbled..

Razzle Dazzle Jeez Medazzle
Guess who the gift
was to be given with much tickle
To me, pour moi le présent
est très enchanteresse
parce que mon baiser est pour vous ce Noël
(for me the present is very enchanting
because my kiss is for you this Christmas)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

When on a roll..

Events that takes place in ones life always takes them on a quest of experience and knowledge..it is either a hopeful occurence or a dreaded  one..I believe that the people are accountable for more or less how each significant incident is dealt with. Mindful consideration for one another would be a plus factor I assure you..which brings me to the question - are there genuine feelings of consideration in any one these days?
Apart from family and even then with selfishness tucked in neatly in one's attitude - consideration and care for one another is slowly eroding..

The coming celebrations and seasons greetings are looked upon with much enthusiasm and fervour. I wonder if the camaraderie is still intact with the many different people that share our lives and by that I mean in every way (color, creed, race and age). Age, because as the generation of the past slowly withers away the newer generation brings with them forgotten values and principles..a good reason to value historians I should say..
I believe history should state facts for this very reason... and a summary of a good history is often dedicated to equal resemblance and total knowledge of  enlisted facts with truth and accountability for each worded flow a must. Incidences that take place is a story told, revered and learned from - wouldn't you say?

Singling out my family from the many who celebrate Christmas is something that I want to do today..

Years before, we had a wholesome family I remember. My dad and brother have since passed on and still missed with regretably much left unsaid between us. Some others have left the circle citing irreconciliable differences and we miss the children who we don't meet especially on these special occasions of celebrations.

This would be the second year since my dad's passing and the fourth since my brother's. Both had similar ways of celebrating these occasions and that would be in a "Big" way. Dad always got something new for our home each year - something new for Christmas always excited him. In a way it was a good thing - you get into the mood of appreciating his choice and getting him happy for the season verses his fussing about everything else...

This year after a short phase of not really being in the mood for baking - I did some..I baked us a fruit cake..
Managed to get it sort of tasty and fruity too! My daughter is on to the cookies bit and mom made her muruku - something very Indian. I haven't really been out shopping as yet and every now and then pass a shop playing the carols..
Shopping has always been a last minute thing for me..What shall I wear this christmas...geez, what color this year???
My Christmas tree is on a roll - silver decorations for two years running!! Well on another note, just thinking about cleaning house gets me tired but the dazzle after makes me think it is tolerable!!

Anyway, I'm sure there are many of you out there who are away from your loved ones, especially those in combat or military posting. Then of course those who are looking for a quiet Christmas - hey buckle up will ya - Its Christmas..lets be merry and have a great time...drink to your heart's glory for tis the season for wine and lastly eat till the turkey is gone for next year it may be pricey(ier)..

Have a great week everyone and as Christmas approaches..I am sending you my special smile for the season..:) Enjoy!


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mythical Store

The fairies were told a story long ago
Of a mythical store in town
where presents were stacked
in counters of gold
with silver trimmings
made of 

They juggled for places in the store
to catch the view of
presents galore..
For the little dwarfs they
stood in a row
packaging little
gifts for the
ones with a scorn...

Hmph..where is mine
said a Mr Grump..
It better be a lot better
than the one
I got last year>>

Then out came the
Gnomes with cheeks
of red
that looked
like a grin
and started the song
everyone had to sing ...

Its the time to be merry
a time to be gay
a time to get together
and be a best friend

Its the time for reconciliation
a time for brotherhood
of all mankind
of all color and race ....

So get down together
and be a friend first
an enemy is created
out of mischief and distrust..

For what of the layman
who hungers for peace
and food on his table
and a chance to be

So watch out for magic
and be firm of mind
and step out of darkness
right into the light
and put out your hands
and hold on to all
who see you as a
first before all..
the rights of you and me
the right of  the just..



Thursday, December 15, 2011

The bells are tolling

The bells are a tolling
a little babe is brought onto this world
in a celebration
amidst the the haystack
and the animals grazing..

A child born to poverty
risen to lead the world as a King..
The King of Nazareth..

A tale of when Christmas was born
An intrigue every year round..
Wide eyed shoppers and santas'
we come upon
with mistletoes waiting to be hung
and the twinkling of  bright lights
are set upon
tresses of pine trees..

Hey Santa-rina wear your red
good boots cause Santa has
a present in his sack for you too..

Hey Teresa, wear your party clothes
for  Christmas
has come around this year too
in gay welcoming and passions
acted by children
in churches dressed in white and gold
resembling little angels  
of the Lord

Jesus, he smiles as he says
adieu to his last year of
the years his age is so..
For this Christmas he is coming
for your sake and mine
with presents and gifts
of love sublime
Merry Christmas everyone...


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

His Wish List

She sees a mirage of colors way beyond
somewhere between the heavens and
its earthly domain...

What be the earthly domain, he asks?
Well, heaven is a place on earth
they say, don't they?
and so there are the abodes
of angels in majestic views
and surroundings of wishful thinking..says she..
Wishful thinking? asks he,
Yes.Oh yes!, where the rainbows
meet in a colorful show
and bring on the poets in a
soulful tirade of words
of beaut..

She walks away with a smile
and he follows the path she treads
with her in his wish list
as his sole desire..


Friday, December 9, 2011

Of promises and the unlived...

I wonder sometimes at the different courses
of footprints one leaves in life..

Promises of the future
taking a stronghold in the minds
of those that carry far their dreams...

The unsuccessful attempts of not
making it in reality and regarded
as a failure of fulfilling that dream..

I wonder at the different path that
is driven in one when attempting
to reach that far-fetched dream...

A different course not envisioned
or maybe of that

I wonder at happiness and what it entails..
Would that a dream sometimes
bequest a fallen trail and leave
those footprints unerased..


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The voice of love
The dusk of the evening filled her with trepidation
She thought she heard a distinct diminution..
Outside the fallen leaves seemed
dry and crisp
Engaging her thoughts interspersing with a voice..
He seemed to call out to her
His love apparent and his words full of tears..
She felt him in her arms crying in a silent wish
To be with her at all times oft times
even with untold searching for her near..
She saw someone in him and she cried
her wistfulness helpless and in a random time
She said a prayer for him
maybe to bring her fears allayed
by her storm inside..
He touched her once in many ways twice
A completed man and incomplete by her
A man of stirring with a heart of desire
To be with a woman
he concludes as his dream of untire...
His illusion may bring him completion
May he not or May he his question
For she is bound by a forsaken
in the eyes of him
that stays hidden...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caught by the wisdom of a lucky charm

Her toothless smile caught my eye
A little pink headress matching her smile
Her blue overalls plus her pinkish shoes
Her little socks in the color blue too..

At one, she shone in brilliance
At two, she advanced in intelligence
And at three there seemed no ending
to her lilts of slang so indegenious
a girl so grown now...

Her stomp of rage one day set afire
by the missing of her ageless
attire - the blue socks she wore at two...

Where did it go..where did it go
my lucky charm..mom tell me so..
How do I go for the audition today
Or reach the school prom in another year or so..
Where did it go, she wailed..

Sometimes you think a lucky charm will do
Sometimes it seems they are hidden from view
What of this child and her vision to review
that life needs a lucky charm to live through

maybe its true...



Monday, December 5, 2011

On wet days...

Singling out a day in your lifetime sometimes takes you into another day and place that you have once been - by that I mean partaken in. Life has many choices thrown at you but in order for one to be able to choose wisely does one really have to feel the negatives of it first? Choices sometimes are not within the grasp of your hand with many connotations one has to oversee and endure..

Take marriage for instance..
What happens when you reach a milestone in a marriage? Would you not take it as a blessing or a feat these days? In this day where irreconciliable differences are often sited for a separation - would you not celebrate the reaching of say a Silver Jubilee?

I was thinking the other day of love..
Falling in love, those initial momentous time of it blossoming into something concrete. Promises made to each other and the yearning one feels at the start of those feelings overtaking one. Being far away a torture sometimes from each other.. That first kiss that goes on and on..or that first touch of his hand when he asks you for a dance. I have always been a romantic. Waltzing with the one you love has always taken one somewhat into an atmospheric beautiful tide of love overtaking each other. Just like when you think how life has treated you and you say it was like waltzing away the minutes and before you know it the music has stopped and it is time for you to step out of the shadows of the dimmed light - a dawning that life holds much in a daylight and the nights are for celebrating..

Well, I woke up early today..a rarity these days. I got to wake up the morning light for a change and not be an accomplice to its woken up stance as was usual for me these days. I thought of sunrise and how beautiful it would have been to witness it. It would have been a special time for me especially today as I write this. I remember a sunrise like never before - a sighting of maybe 20 years ago. I sat in a house on a hill and it came up a little reddish line across the horizon at first - the clouds a greyish slumber. Then it rose in a scope of a
half a circle with orangish tints on a scarlet circle covering the whole horizontal view of the sea it rose from. Miles and miles of it - just an awesome sight, one I would never forget. I read a forward the other day - something about if there was a God after all..Well, watch the sunrise or the sunset and you'll not have to answer that query.

A little bit of appreciation of all things beautiful will go a long way in making your day. Like looking up the sky and seeking God's strength in it or picking up a child and kissing those little lips or even just laughing into someone's eyes and bringing on a smile. Life is about fighting actually..fighting to be noticed or perhaps go un-noticed...what say?
I know of someone who is at the moment fighting for what he believes in..despite brickbats and throwbacks and back biting. I know of people who are listless in their quest for justice and right of living and even surviving. Their determination and courage of will and dream of peace and stability amongst a nation diverse is so becoming of their character and what they denote and stand for..and this for maybe peace of mind and freedom.
In the midst of all this turmoil, the sun still rises and sets, the flowers still bloom and the weather is still unpredicatable. I see a storm coming up and when I do, do I run and hide or face its wrath and believe that I shall overcome...something to think about.

Here's me wishing you all a great week ahead of you, life's choices are hard sometimes so take it as it comes and each day as it appears..Love you guys!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

When the postman came a calling..

The postman came a calling
without the courier she waited for..
Her wait in vain
Her lips felt dry
Her eyes felt the wetness of the sky.

Her suitor he claimed to be
A present as his promise was not to be..
Not today..

The postman came a calling again
It was another break of dawn, another day
She felt her pain so deep within
For the courier she waited for
was unseen..

His love for her was written sometime ago
In books not read by anyone
but the Lord
and yet she felt his uncertain words of love
went beyond her call for trust
in things done
and seen..

The courier went a vanishing
His thoughts of her reached an astonishing
Her love for him started in a secret admonishing
Will soon be found in his presence
once he stays his fears
and faces what love promises him..

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Why? Did you ask me why?
Today the day seem a little forlorn
Or yesterday it rained on a scarlet morn..

Why? Did you ask me why?
The picture perfect image seem scared
Or the violet of the flower turned a color unknown..

Why? And should there be an answer now
Or would you seek another form
Of finding signs that speak all on their own..

Signs of sadness or a tinge of misgiving on a beautiful morn
Signs that perfection has its limitations
and signs that there are colors yet unfurled
within the scope of this earth's living
and maybe challenge the myth
of the unknown..

Why? There is sometimes no reason as to the Why!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hear the voices of angels sing

The time for rejoicing falls upon us once again
Tis  the time of the Risen Lord
Endearments flow among us once again
Tis said with words aloud..

Merrymaking, joy uplifting
The Savior's birth in our midst astounding
The prophets saying alleluia
The three kings led by a star
A stable in the books of the law
A little child is born on a christmas morn..

Hark the lyres and hear the angels sing
Voices risen in choirs of praise
For the birth of the Lord
gives promise to a future King

He fulfills the promise
of Elijah, Abraham and Isaac
and goes by the name
of Jesus..

The birth of the son of God 
is heard once more to the sound of a harp..


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