Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caught by the wisdom of a lucky charm

Her toothless smile caught my eye
A little pink headress matching her smile
Her blue overalls plus her pinkish shoes
Her little socks in the color blue too..

At one, she shone in brilliance
At two, she advanced in intelligence
And at three there seemed no ending
to her lilts of slang so indegenious
a girl so grown now...

Her stomp of rage one day set afire
by the missing of her ageless
attire - the blue socks she wore at two...

Where did it go..where did it go
my lucky charm..mom tell me so..
How do I go for the audition today
Or reach the school prom in another year or so..
Where did it go, she wailed..

Sometimes you think a lucky charm will do
Sometimes it seems they are hidden from view
What of this child and her vision to review
that life needs a lucky charm to live through

maybe its true...



1 comment:

  1. We all need our omens Shobana. A nice illustration of something that remains with us.


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