Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hear the voices of angels sing

The time for rejoicing falls upon us once again
Tis  the time of the Risen Lord
Endearments flow among us once again
Tis said with words aloud..

Merrymaking, joy uplifting
The Savior's birth in our midst astounding
The prophets saying alleluia
The three kings led by a star
A stable in the books of the law
A little child is born on a christmas morn..

Hark the lyres and hear the angels sing
Voices risen in choirs of praise
For the birth of the Lord
gives promise to a future King

He fulfills the promise
of Elijah, Abraham and Isaac
and goes by the name
of Jesus..

The birth of the son of God 
is heard once more to the sound of a harp..


1 comment:

  1. Very gentle Shobana I thought it must be getting near the motorists are begining to smile


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