Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mythical Store

The fairies were told a story long ago
Of a mythical store in town
where presents were stacked
in counters of gold
with silver trimmings
made of 

They juggled for places in the store
to catch the view of
presents galore..
For the little dwarfs they
stood in a row
packaging little
gifts for the
ones with a scorn...

Hmph..where is mine
said a Mr Grump..
It better be a lot better
than the one
I got last year>>

Then out came the
Gnomes with cheeks
of red
that looked
like a grin
and started the song
everyone had to sing ...

Its the time to be merry
a time to be gay
a time to get together
and be a best friend

Its the time for reconciliation
a time for brotherhood
of all mankind
of all color and race ....

So get down together
and be a friend first
an enemy is created
out of mischief and distrust..

For what of the layman
who hungers for peace
and food on his table
and a chance to be

So watch out for magic
and be firm of mind
and step out of darkness
right into the light
and put out your hands
and hold on to all
who see you as a
first before all..
the rights of you and me
the right of  the just..



  1. I bet that was Happy who started them off. I stood in the queue but they were not giving Ogres roast lambs or delicate tasty maidens.

  2. Hey you guessed it right CC..Happy started them off and Grumpy got laid off..
    Possibly they did not have that on the menu CC - roast lambs & tasty maide..:)


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