Thursday, December 29, 2011

Of Curtains and its eloquence on festivals..

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Tis the season to be merry, jolly and rich..
Well, I had a great time this Christmas..sort of did a couple of things different this year. I wonder if any of you had a change of heart and direction as I did this year. After the past four years of just whizzing through Christmas, we sort of made up for it with three different days of inviting friends and relatives over and having a bash..that's right - a bashful christmas with goodies and laughter and mingling..

Christmas definitely brings out the best in me..I had the chance of celebrating it in quite a grandiose way I should say. The first day of Christmas saw us having a couple over (chinese - due to the diversity of inter-racial festivals, we sort of look out for the festivities of the other races and they were the same) The second day of Christmas, my family came over for dinner and we gave ourselves a break on the third day.The fourth saw my daughter's friends come over and one actually stayed back after the celebration! I could hear them downstairs way past three in the a.m. and went into a deja-vu reminiscing about my celebrations way back when I had them with friends in my university.

Anyway, what does life have to offer if we forget to celebrate our existence of culture, race and religion in the ways of our teachings or upbringing.

I looked around the house this morning when I woke up and saw the different curtains I had put up..ever wonder at curtains and how they add an eloquence to a home.  New curtains bring out the atmosphere and spirit of a new decor in place and gives a home an added lustre don't you think? My Christmas curtains by the tree provided a multiple colorful array of lighting amidst the red of the lights that lit up the tree plus who can do without the white in curtains singling out its cleanliness of the house spring cleaned for Christmas.
I was definitely proud of them curtains I should say!!
Well I did have the guests remark in admiration of them..:)..ok just one or two of them ..Gosh!!

As always I did experience the silent absence of my dad and brother but on another note of confidentiality, I had an angel follow me around helping me with the chores and such. Cooking?? naw..don't think my angel could whip up the mutton peratal(dried curried mutton)the way I do so I was thankfully left to that bit of my assigned work alone. I wonder - would you by chance love having someone look you over the shoulder every now and then or follow you like a puppy everywhere you go?? Gosh, that would take some getting used to I believe. With me - I am still getting used to it and just for your info my angel is in absentia..ha..ha..

Well it is the week before the New Year, so make the best of the last few days of 2011. Here's me sending all of you a little poem of love and wishing you happiness at all times..

I made a little wish this Christmas
It was of you
To bring peace and happiness
and with it love and blessings too

I made a little wish this Christmas
And it was of me
To share the love and blessings that I have
and with it peace and happiness too..

Love you guys..



  1. Very elegant Shobana, it rocks .Happy new year to all of those without tummy ache.

  2. Well glad you think it rocks CC..gee yes, Happy New Year to them without them stomach aches CC - ditto to that..


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